About Us

Fightpro Gears is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of Martial Arts Equipment in Toronto (Ontario). Fight pro Gears success has come about by understanding customer's needs, listening to comments and suggestions , and providing quality goods at competitive prices.We offer a comprehensive product range to suit all of our customers requirements. All Fightpro products will give you peak performance. With a distinguished reputation in Martial Arts, Fight Pro Gears is synonymous with outstanding quality and service.
Why not become part of our force by putting us on test, and buy with confidence knowing that we carry more product than any other manufacturers. We are always moving forward by improving our products quality and design, while at the same time ensuring that we maintain the lowest prices. Our whole team here at Fight pr Gears is very dedicated to give you all the services that you expect from a Quality manufacture.


We offer:
  • Quality goods at competitive prices.
  • Excellent service and fast shipment.
  • Manufacturer's Guarantee.
  • Updates on new products.


We invite all interested parties to put us on the test and see for themselves how much we can be part of the organization.

Lastly I would like to take this chance to wish all our new and old customers the best in business ventures.

Thanking you...................

Fight ProGears

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